About NeoCars

About NeoCars

All our cars come with well trained and highly experienced drivers making your life simpler and more comfortable. You can always rely on NeoCars to book a car on rent and to rent a car with driver as we are the best car rental service in Kolkata giving you the facility to book a car with driver. We specialise in services such as airport transfer taxi, 24 hours car hire Kolkata, luxury car hire in Kolkata and rent a car with driver. If you are looking for cars on rent for a day or online cars for rent, look no further as NeoCars is the answer to all your problems!

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Car With Driver Rental Service in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most vibrant cities in India. It is home to culture, diversity and progress. This is cause for a lot of travellers coming to Kolkata in order to conduct business, to immerse themselves in the art and culture, to witness the old world charm or to simply enjoy the excellent culinary offerings here. Everyone coming in needs a reliable and safe mode of transport, And a cab for rent is the most convenient and safest way to zip around the city. NeoCars provides car rental service in Kolkata and the rent a car with  driver facility. Anyone, whether locals or visitors, are conveniently able to book a car on rent via the NeoCars app. NeoCars makes it easier for them to search for a cab for rental purposes at really affordable prices.

Rent A Car With Driver

The reason why the book a car with driver service is gaining popularity is because you can achieve multiple objectives without worrying about having to search for a new cab for rent after each stop. Earlier, it was a nightmare trying to book a rental car in Kolkata.  But NeoCars makes it very easy to rent a car with driver in Kolkata, and the best part is that it turns out to be much cheaper than having to book multiple cabs each and every time.  And much much cheaper than owning and maintaining a car yourself. Visit us on Instagram by clicking here.