About Us

NeoCars was built with a single aim – to make sure people do not feel cheated whenever they have to hire a rental car – for either local travel or outstation.


We came up with the concept during a business trip we took some time back, where we had to travel to various locations within the city for meetings and errands.


It made sense  to book a car for the entire day so we would not have to worry about our belongings or about booking & waiting for a new taxi every time.


The bad experience we had on this trip – starting from the outdated search/booking process to the dirty car and rude driver, made us want to do something to fix it.
This is when the idea of NeoCars was born.


With NeoCars, there are no unpleasant surprises ever.


Therefore you can finally be at peace, even when away from home.


So India.. lets stop adjusting.. And Start Living!!