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Special Occasion Celebrations with NeoCars

Special Occasion Celebrations Done Right with the NeoCars Mobile App for Private Cab Bookings

Special occasions call for special celebrations, and there is no better way to celebrate in style than by surprising your mate with a special evening out in a luxury car - Introducing NeoCars - Kolkata’s favourite and most convenient luxury car booking platform.

NeoCars is the most preferred and the go-to solution for booking a luxury cab with driver in Kolkata. Our cars are the best in class that makes your special outing not just comfortable but even much enjoyable.

Simply download the NeoCars mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and pre-book your preferred luxury car - simply and instantly.

Among the many advantages when you book a NeoCars - car with driver for your luxury travel is that we will always, without fail, provide you with the best car and driver quality for your journey.

We are proud of our performance levels and even boast of a 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Our customer retention is also at an extremely high rate of 97%, making it the most preferred choice for outstation taxi services in Kolkata.

Our users are extremely satisfied with our mobile app and find it really easy and convenient to use the same in order to book their car with driver from NeoCars, the best car rental company in Kolkata.

We specialise in luxury car rental services and since you can book our cabs much in advance, it helps you be relaxed about your upcoming special day by not being concerned about this one task which used to seem arduous to most of us earlier.

Our cars can pick you up from any part of the city and take you to your destination and back along with your other co-passenger(s), at no extra cost to you. Such an advantage makes NeoCars the number one choice in luxury car with driver rental services in Kolkata.

All our prices visible on the app are inclusive of all taxes and our pricing model is standard and transparent and is most friendly to the pocket, when you take into consideration the quality of service that we are providing.

Our customer care team is just a phone call away and goes out of their way to ensure you have a most pleasant and enjoyable experience with NeoCars - helping you in any trip planning suggestions or any other special requests you might have. Our team always has your interest at heart and will always make you feel special and comfortable.

NeoCars also exclusively offers the option to book luxury cars via our mobile app and we are the market leaders when it comes to luxury car with driver hiring services in Kolkata. We have a large and eclectic fleet of luxury cars that will not only make you feel special, but will also ensure you make the right style statement, wherever you choose to go.

With NeoCars, you are also free to take as many stops and halts along the way and there is no additional charge for such facilities, provided the total journey time and distance is within the booked range of kilometres and hours, as per your booking details. Any extras incurred can be easily paid to the driver in cash at the end of your trip.

So do not think twice when you have an upcoming occasion in Kolkata and easily and simply book a NeoCars private luxury cabs via our easy to use mobile app, available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Stores.

CLICK HERE to download the NeoCars App to your phone today!

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