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  • Dhruv Singh

NeoCars Referral Program

NeoCars presents for the first time, its user referral program.

You get rewarded when a referred friend books their first car on the app.

This is how it works -

  • You click on the 'Invite Friends' button on the Profile section of the app.

  • Send the invite which contains a personalised sign-up code linked to your account to your friends via email, text or WhatsApp.

  • When a friend signs up using your code and books their first car, you automatically receive a Rs.500/- voucher in your account.

  • You can redeem this voucher against your very next booking on NeoCars app.

Every time a new friend books a car, you get another voucher.

This is the best way to earn rewards while spreading the good word about the app and services.

Since NeoCars is the leading car with driver service provider in Kolkata and Bengaluru, we urge you to share this with your friends and family so we can grow and in the process deliver excellent service standards to all our users.

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