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  • Dhruv Singh

Healthcare Workers Offer

During this pandemic, the world at large is highly indebted to the entire healthcare team across the globe in trying to manage and minimise the damage to human lives.

They have been working efficiently and diligently to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each and every individual.

Some of them have worked for unthinkable number of hours, that too under immense stress and pressure, in trying to manage something that has never before seen by anyone.

Such dedication and hard work is unimaginable and we bow to them with folded hands to thank them and to encourage them to endure the hardships for a little bit longer so we can all take a breather tomorrow, free from all the stress and danger, that is hanging over our heads.

We at NeoCars have in our way tried to thank these professionals by offering our services to them at a nominal costs so they can continue fighting on our behalf and defeat the virus.

We know that every small step in the right direction matters and hope that this shall also add to that and help encourage our angels to keep on with their efforts.

If you are a healthcare professional or know of one, we would request you to please get in touch with us at and we shall do all we can to enable them in their commute and ensure it is smooth and comfortable.

Together we can and we will overcome!


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